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Bonus Terms

General Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are specific for the various bonus and promotions available on These bonus terms are in addition to the General Terms and Conditions of the site.

Bonus and Promotion Terms and Conditions

From time to time, you will be granted bonus offers. You will be notified through the website banners, in the list of Available Bonuses in your Lobby, and by email if you subscribe to our promotional emails. Most of the time, you will receive such offers with no individual conditions, however, sometimes you might have to fill certain conditions to get the offer. Example: A "20 Extra Spins bonus offered after €100 wagered on X game" will appear in your lobby only once you have wagered the €100 on the specified game. Every bonus comes with specific terms and conditions (in particular the wagering requirement, conversion limit or expiration), which will be displayed when clicking on any bonus banner on the website or from your Lobby > Promotions. In the event of discrepancies between the promotional content of the offer and the terms and conditions of the bonus, the bonus terms and conditions will prevail. By claiming a bonus, you agree to accept its terms and conditions. There are three types of bonus: - Free Cash Bonus: a predefined bonus amount added to your bonus balance. Example: A €20 Free Cash Bonus will grant you €20 on your bonus balance immediately after activation, - Deposit Bonus: has to be activated with a real money deposit; its amount is variable as it depends on the related deposit amount. Deposit Bonuses are defined by a percentage of deposit and a maximum bonus amount. Example: If you get a "50% up to €100 bonus" and activate it with a €200 deposit, you will get €100 bonus added to your bonus balance (50% of €200). A lower amount, like €100, will grant you €50 bonus (50% of €100), while a higher amount like €300 won't grant you more than the limit of €100, - Extra Spins Bonus: a predefined number of extra rounds you can play on one or more specific games. Once the rounds are played, the total winnings are added to the bonus balance. Example: "20 Extra Spins on Starburst" will grant you 20 extra rounds on the Starburst game. If you win €12 playing those rounds, that €12 will be added to your bonus balance. The bonus money you accept can be converted to real money. Each bonus comes with a Wagering Coefficient, for example: x35, which determines the amount you need to wager with this bonus money, the Wagering Requirement, so you can convert the remaining bonus balance to real money. The Wagering Requirement is calculated by multiplying the initial bonus amount with the Wagering Coefficient. Example: To convert to real money a €10 Free bonus with a Wagering Coefficient of 35x, the Wagering Requirement is €350 (10x35). Immediately after you have completed the Bonus Wagering Requirement, the bonus balance is transferred to your real balance and the bonus is archived. Some bonuses, however, may come with a Conversion Limit which determines the amount up to which the bonus can be converted to real money. Example: After wagering €350 with your €10 bonus money, there is €45 left on the bonus balance. If the bonus has no Conversion Limit or a limit higher than €45, all the €45 will be transferred to your real balance. If the bonus has a Conversion Limit lower than €45 - let's say €30, only €30 will be transferred to your real balance and the rest will be lost. The Conversion Limit should not be confused with any Withdrawal Limit mechanism: as soon as bonus money is turned to real, it becomes all yours, there is no limit in the amount you can withdraw. All games do not equally contribute to bonus wagering progression. The Wagering Ratio of a game determines whether it fully contributes toward bonus wagering or only partially. The default ratio 1.0 means that for a €4 bonus bet, the bonus wagering progresses by €4 (1.0x4), while a ratio of 0.5 means that for €4 bonus bet, the wagering progresses only by €2 (0.5x4). Click here to see the list of all games that do not fully contribute to bonus wagering. It is quite usual to have several bonuses active at the same time. All your active bonuses will appear in the MY PROMOTIONS section of your Lobby. The balance of each of your bonuses do not merge and each bonus has its own Wagering Requirement. You can easily see the global amount of bonus money on your account by consulting the balance summary in the top menu (accessible by clicking on your Username). In the MY PROMOTIONS section of your Lobby, you can see the details of each Active Bonus, your progression through the Wagering Requirement, as well as all the particular bonus conditions. You always bet your real money first and then your bonus money and only bonus money is used towards wagering. If you have several bonuses active at the same time, the oldest will be the one wagered first. It can also happen that a single bet contains a part of real money and a part of bonus money, from one or more active bonuses. Example: If you have €10 real balance and €4 bonus balance, a €14 bet is allowed in one single spin. In the same spirit, if you have two bonuses active of €2 each, a €14 bet is allowed (€10 real money + €4 bonus). In case of a bet made with money from several sources (real and bonus and/or several bonuses), winnings are distributed proportionally according to the contribution of each source toward the bet. Likewise, the progression through Wagering Requirement of each bonus is incremented according to its contribution. Example: If you place a €10 bet with a real balance of €8 and a bonus balance of €100, €8 will be deducted from your real balance and €2 from your bonus balance. The contribution is then calculated as 80% from real money and 20% from bonus money. In case of a winning of €20 for example, the winnings are distributed as 80% of €20 to real balance, and 20% of €20 to the bonus balance. In addition, the €2 bonus will contribute to the Wagering Requirement. When you have an active bonus you are not allowed to bet over €5 ($5, 30kr) in one spin (real or bonus money) even though the game might seem to allow it. In case you step over this limit, your bet will be rejected and any winnings will be voided. Most of our offers are available only for a limited period of time, until the Offer Expiration. If you don't claim the offer within its time-frame, it will disappear definitely. Once accepted, a bonus is active only for a limited period of time until the Bonus Expiration, which corresponds to the time you have to complete the Wagering Requirement in order to convert your bonus to real money. Most of the time, the Bonus Expiration comes 7 days after the Bonus Activation. If you do not complete the Wagering Requirement of a particular bonus before the Bonus Expiration, the bonus expires so the remaining money on the bonus balance is removed from your total balance, and the bonus is archived. If the balance of a particular bonus reaches 0, this bonus will be considered as used and will disappear from your Active Bonuses list. You are free to withdraw the real money on your balance at any moment with no restriction, even if you have one or more Active Bonuses. Submitting a withdrawal request will cancel all your active bonuses and their amounts will be removed from your total bonus balance. However, cancelling this withdrawal request will reactivate these cancelled bonuses, assuming they haven't reached their Bonus Expiration in the meantime. All the particular conditions of a bonus are detailed in the MY PROMOTIONS section of your Lobby as well as in the Bonus claiming pop-up. Read the pop-up carefully before accepting a bonus as some bonuses might have different terms than others. There are some games where bonus money cannot be played and is totally excluded, in which case the in-game balance will appear as different from the casino's balance as we do not show any of your bonus money in the in-game balance. Click here to see the list of games on which bonus money cannot be played. We usually grant bonus offers on a regular basis for calendar events, new game releases, or as recurring rewards to loyal players. They are limited to one per household, IP address, computer device and telephone number. We consider these as gifts, and we reserve the right to exclude players from our bonus program, temporarily or definitely, in particular in case of fraud detection or bonus abuse. In such cases, we reserve the right to remove any active or available bonus present on their account as well as deduct from their balance any real money obtained from the bonus wagering completion. We consider as bonus abuse any action or behaviour meant to obtain real money by bypassing the normal bonus wagering system or exploiting eventual bugs or breaches. In particular, interrupting games and filling the real money balance in order to get real money winnings from a bonus bet is considered a major abuse that may be punished by a complete exclusion from the bonus program or the casino. The bonus money we give is meant to extend the playtime and give some extra chances to players that have been unlucky with their own money; that is why the bonus money is only accessible if the real money balance has been wagered and lost. Any action or attempt to use bonus money without spending the real money first will be considered as a bonus abuse. In particular, interrupting games to block real money in unfinished game rounds to access bonus money, and then finishing the rounds after playing the bonuses, is considered as major abuse. The casino reserves the right to confiscate all delayed real money wins collected after playing with bonus money.
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Virtual Reality Slots

There are lots of fantastic casino games, and slots are definitely one of the most popular types. Today, everyone can play different exciting machines from traditional to virtual reality, and the choice of titles is really wide. If you wish to find out how you can spin reels in VR, just keep reading this article.

What Are Virtual Slots?

Virtual slot games are basically the machines that you do not play live. Special software and technologies (for instance, Qt virtual slots) are used to provide you with a terrific gaming experience that you can enjoy from the comforts of your home. The latest trend is immersive gaming that involves usage of the special headset, though, some casinos and service providers allow you to play 3D versions without using advanced equipment.
VR slots are really exciting as you fully immerse yourself in a new world. Such games come with different customization options, for instance, you can pick your avatar, interact with other players, and more. They are played in the same way as other slot games.

Where to Play??

The popularity of such games keeps growing steadily, but there are not that many options that you can use today. However, below you will find the best products available on the market today.

SlotsMillion Casino

There are plenty of exciting SlotsMillion casino games that you can play today. Just get registered with the casino and download their application. It does not take much time, but you will get access to a wide selection of various games, including the following:
• Thunderstruck II;
• Gonzo’s Quest;
• Starburst;
• Rambo;
• Jack and the Beanstalk.

In order to play the games, you will need to use a video game controller/keyboard to navigate. You can just play 3D slot games on your PC or you can use Oculus Rift or HTC Vive for the fully immersive gaming experience.


You can also play the games on Steam. To get this opportunity, you will need to get registered on the site and download the application with two games available.
The first one is Dracula’s Family, which is a five-reel, three-row video slot that has 15 pay lines. There are Wild Symbol, Risk Game, Scatter Symbol, as well as four free spin modes.

Art of the Heist is another slot that you can check out. You will be playing with the talented thief Vincenzo! It is a five-reel, three-row slot that comes with 21 pay lines. The game is all about a robbery at a museum with the brilliant masterpieces. There are several special symbols, including Mona Lisa that opens the Bonus Game. If you get the wild symbol along with Vincenzo, you will be given Free Spins.


Check out High Roller Slots from Oculus. It is the first world’s social slot that you can start playing with 2 million free coins. The game comes with Free Spins and Symbols Stacks as well as a range of other features. You can play it with Oculus Go or touchpad. The application is available for free and you just need to get registered on the website to get access to it.

Read more
Pros and cons
  • 360º video of SlotsMillion VR
  • Discover every inch of our new SlotsMillion VR casino in this 360º video visit
  • Discover every inch of our new SlotsMillion VR casino in this 360º video visit
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  • Licensed: MGA/B2C/256/2013
  • Owned by: Alea Gaming Ltd
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