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How to find poker players and make friends with them

Do you think they could find correlated proof that being lonely actually makes you lose poker games?
I think they could because from what I can tell all of the Hold Em players getting any sort of success are actually in the middle of a sort-of ‘poker social network’.

That is, they have friends and poker buddies they play with, study with and talk about poker too.
“I don’t have many/any friends that play poker, or are serious about it.”

This is a surprisingly common comment/complaint I have noticed. Even though many people play poker it seems that the disparate country and distance between us means that we still can’t get in contact with committed, dedicated poker players.

Being around people who aren’t serious about Hold Em when they put you down, tell you to come do something else, distract you and don’t understand why you are “bothering” is a recipe for failure for you.
You need to be around happy, committed and preferably successful poker players. Short of a top poker pro buddy even just friends who love the game and are actively learning, practicing, studying, talking about it, figuring it out are great.

Let me ask you in interesting question. Add up all the people you would say are good poker friends/buddies that are active poker players. How many are there? Can you count them on your fingers? So what to do if you have none? In short, find some. It may take a little effort, but you won’t have to look far.

Here are some ideas:

Casinos – cash games or tourneys. Find other poker players and make friends with them. Kinda go near the ones that are doing well

Home Games – usually you can find a group or organization that is on top of all the home games in your area. These are especially excellent for making friends and you’ll usually find ‘the regulars’ at most of them (and you may become a regular too).

However the best place you’re going to find everyone you need is… the Internet! Yes the fabulous magical Internet. You won’t have to look far here.

Check out:

Casinos/online rooms – you can make friends by chatting in game and recording their ID. To take it further get email addresses or AOL/MSN/Yahoo chat ID’s.

Forums – there are many poker forums that are filled with poker enthusiasts. You can really become part of a community online by chatting. Plus you can usually send personal messages and make friends.

Comments – online websites and blogs almost always have a commenting feature. Even my website has it too. When you comment you spark discussion and when someone replies you can get their details and contact them directly. Simply saying “I liked what you said on, wanna chat about poker?” will suffice.

YouTube – believe it or not youtube is great for making friends. Find people watching the poker videos you are and message them.

Of course, the Internet has a few downfalls. Typing-talk to people isn’t exactly the same as having a chat over a coffee. And there are security implications to think about. You don’t want your account being hacked or anything. But all in all it’s great.

Being alone playing Texas Hold Em all by yourself can be a problem if the people that you live with or works with are negative. One of the best ways to get good at poker fast is to have a good buddy that you can play with, chat with and work on your games together.

If you don’t have poker playing friends the best remedy is to find them. Get up, go out and play some poker and make some friends. Or just jump online and start catching up and hanging out with people
in cyberspace.

Once you get more involved with poker players and the community you will naturally learn more and become a better player. Plus you will stay more motivated and interested in this fabulous game.

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