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Is Online No Limit Hold Em Rigged? The Cold Hard Facts

Are you annoyed because you don’t understand why you keep experiencing massively bad beats in online poker rooms? Do you want see the proof that playing No Limit Hold Em online is not rigged? Well read this.

This is a secondary post that continues on from my previous post named Is Online Texas Holdem Poker Rigged? The Truth Revealed. If you haven’t read it I strongly urge you to before you read this post because it has introductory information you need to understand for this to make sense. There is an easy link to get back to here at the end of that page. Enjoy. Is Online No Limit Hold Em Rigged?

Insightful Probability To Think About Before You Decide

Let’s use a simple example of A-A vs K-K. Now, pocket aces are definitely the favourite – 81% actually. But over the course of thousands of hands and hours upon hours of play you face this situation or situations like these repeatedly, over and over. Check this out:

  • The first time you play AA vs KK your probability of winning is 81.26%
  • The second time you play AA vs KK your probability of winning both times is 66.02%
  • The third time you play AA vs KK your probability of winning all three times is 53.65%

And it continues on

  • AA vs KK the 4th time: 43.59%
  • AA vs KK the 5th time: 35.42%
  • AA vs KK the 6th time: 28.78%
  • AA vs KK the 7th time: 23.39%
  • AA vs KK the 8th time: 19.00%
  • AA vs KK the 9th time: 15.44%

Until the tenth time you play AA vs KK your probability of winning all ten times is just a mere 12.55%
So what happens? You’ve been playing online for hours, seen many great hands and suddenly land these amazing pocket aces. You put your opponent on kings and raise all-in, he calls. You’re an 80-20 favourite to win the pot but unfortunately another king drops on the river. A suckout. You take a devastatingly bad beat. You miss out on all the money because of this.

Unfair game? Unlucky Hold Em? Was the online poker room rigged and made you lose? Was it bad luck? Or just bad maths?

If this doesn’t ‘click’ for you re-read this section again or start doing some calculations yourself. You’ll start to see that in fact the online No Limit Hold Em poker rooms aren’t rigged , the long term game itself is causing this.

How To Never Get Burned By A ‘Rigged’ Online Hold Em Room Again

It’s easier to point the finger at the poker room than take a long hard look at yourself and your own No Limit game. Accept that you made the call and you took the chance and it didn’t work out. And blaming the online Hold Em rooms and complaining they’re rigged isn’t exactly going to get you very far anyway.

If you really feel this way you can boycott them and never play No Limit Hold Em online. But I like playing Hold Em online. I like making money from the comfort of my own home, any time I want, in any clothes I want (yes I play poker in my pyjamas).

The real solution is to take responsibility for your game. You are 100% responsible for every single decision and outcome of your own game, no one else is playing for you. Realize that the answers you are looking for are deeper than a simple “ohh playing Hold Em Poker online is rigged” .

Commit to discovering the secrets of how to win No Limit Hold Em and you will be able to sit down at any table, online or offline, and win with ease because you cracked the real code, the poker code, because you actually put in the time, effort and resources and learned how to really win. Education is the key. Don’t give up.

You can start right now by grabbing My Top 7 Texas Hold Em Poker Tips if you haven’t already. Just simply enter your name and email in the box below and you’ll get instant access to the free ebook. Plus, there are a heap of bonuses you can get just for reading it, like My Special Poker Position Cheat Sheet and My Personal Winning Texas Hold Em Tournament Strategy. Don’t miss out.

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