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Terms and Conditions

  1. Player warrants
    1. By the act(s) of: The Player warrants and certifies the Player's understanding and acceptance of the rules, terms and conditions detailed below.
      • Visiting the Big Dollar Internet website
      • Opening an account at Big Dollar Casino, either via the website or any other means
      • Downloading our software or obtaining it by any other means
      • Installing our software
      • Operating our software
      • Making use of any Guest or Real Account at our casino
      • Accepting any prize from our casino
    2. Limitations The casino is limited to Players of eighteen (18) years of age and older. Participation in the activities and games (the "Game") of this casino are open only to residents of those jurisdictions where such participation is legal. It is the Player's responsibility to ensure that they meet the restrictions imposed based on the area they live in. The Player understands that the Game is for entertainment value only. The Player understands and acknowledges that no deposit is necessary or required to play the Game. If a Player wishes to play without betting money, he/she may do so. Employees of Big Dollar, its licensees, distributors, wholesalers, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion or other agencies, media partners, retailers and members of the immediate families of each are not eligible to participate in the Game. Any and all play by any ineligible person shall be voided, including any winnings accruing to any ineligible person. NB: All financial transactions, including playing, depositing and withdrawing, may only be made by REAL Players in the following currencies around the world: €/£/$/CAD$. Players may not make use of robots to play casino games.
Participation Participation at this online casino is at the sole option, discretion and risk of the Player. In particular, determination of the legality of real money casino play is the Player's sole responsibility. By placing real wagers, the Player warrants that he/she is legally able to do so within his/her jurisdiction and that he/she accepts that Big Dollar is unable to provide any warranties as to the legality or validity of their participation in real money play. Due to legal and financial transaction regulations, and other commercial reasons, Big Dollar Casino cannot offer any registrations to the following countries:
  • Australia
  • Curacao
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Netherlands
  • South Africa
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Taxes
Taxes, if any, on any prize are the Player's sole responsibility. The Player, by acceptance of a prize, acknowledges compliance with all rules thereto.
  • Discrepancies Should there be a discrepancy between the gaming results on the Player’s computer and the gaming results on the Big Dollar gaming server, the results on the Big Dollar gaming server shall take precedence and be considered final.
  • Disputes Notwithstanding anything in this agreement, in the event of any dispute regarding a wager or winnings, the decision of Big Dollar will be final and binding in all matters. Please note that E&OE is defined as Errors and Omissions are Excepted. In the event of the cancellation of any game or promotion for any reason, Big Dollar’s Management, staff, licensees, distributors, wholesalers, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion or other agencies, media partners, or retailers will not be liable. Should a Player encounter any difficulties of any nature whatsoever, they can alert Big Dollar by mailing us at the following email address: and we will resolve the query as soon as possible.
  • Usage and Password Only ONE account per player/household/IP address is allowed. The Player shall not allow any other person or third party including, without limitation, any minor, to use or reuse the Player's account, access and/or use any materials or information from the website, accept any prize, or participate in the Games. The Player is solely responsible for the security of his/her password. Should the Player have any knowledge of any unauthorized usage of the Player's account and/or password by someone else, the Player shall contact Big Dollar immediately and change his/her password.
  • Confidentiality Big Dollar undertakes to maintain a Player’s anonymity, unless they agree to their identity being used for future publicity or other purposes.
  • Other Conditions
    1. The Player confirms that (i) the terms and conditions applicable to his/her participation in the gaming activities will be agreed by him/her in Curacao, N.V., and (ii) any wager made by him/her will be accepted by Big Dollar in Curacao, N.V. concurrent with his/her communication of the wager to Big Dollar, without any other act or formality whatsoever.
    2. Laws regarding gaming vary throughout the world. It is the responsibility of the Player to ensure that they understand and comply fully with any laws or regulations relevant to themselves in their own country. This casino operates in Curacao, Netherland Antilles, under the laws and regulations of the Netherland Antilles.
    3. Materials of the Game (whether electronically obtained or obtained by other means) are automatically void if counterfeited, mutilated, forged, altered or tampered with in any way, if illegible, mechanically or electronically reproduced, obtained outside authorized legitimate channels or if they contain printing, production, typographical, mechanical, electronic or any other errors. Any and all materials submitted for prize claims become the property of the Company and will not be returned. The Company is not responsible for lost, late, illegible, incomplete, damaged, mutilated or misdirected requests, prize claims or entries. Liability for materials of the Game containing any error is limited to replacement.
    4. Players are responsible for withdrawing or playing out any funds which are held in the Player's account. Big Dollar does not undertake to notify Players that they have outstanding balances to collect. If an account is inactive for longer than 12 months, the Player will forfeit the outstanding balance. An inactive account is defined as: Treatment of inactive accounts: Big Dollar reserves the right to close any casino account that has been inactive for 12 months or more. Any bonus monies and loyalty points in this account will be forfeited. Procedures for closing such an account: The Cash Balance and the Bonus Balance on the casino account will be transferred out and the casino account will then be locked. Recovery of funds: Thereafter, should the player contact Big Dollar and request that his/her Cash Balance be re-instated, the Cash Balance that was transferred out will be put back into the Player’s casino account and the Player may then withdraw this balance or play it through in the Casino.
      • Any account that has been inactive for a period of no less than 12 months. Inactivity means that no wagers have been placed, credits deposited or money withdrawn during that time.
    5. Big Dollar reserves the right to suspend or withdraw any game at its absolute discretion.
    6. Management reserves the right to refuse or limit any wager.
    7. In the event of the cancellation of any game for any reason, Big Dollar will not be liable.
    8. Big Dollar will not be liable, and is not liable for any damages in the following scenarios:
      • In the event of any major occurrence that is out of Big Dollar’s control.
      • The failure of Big Dollar’s central computer system or any part thereof.
      • For delays, losses, errors, or omissions resulting from failure of any telecommunications or any other data transmission system.
      • For any loss as a result of any act of God, such as Earthquakes, floods, lightning etc.
      • For an outbreak of hostilities, riot, civil disturbance, acts of terrorism.
      • For the acts of Government or authority (including refusal or revocation of any license or consent).
      • For fire, explosion, flood, theft, malicious damage, strike, lockout, or industrial action of any kind.
      • For any damage which may be caused to the Player by the interception or misuse of any information transmitted over the Internet.
    9. Big Dollar and the Player shall not commit, or purport to commit, the other to honor any obligation other than is specifically provided for by these Rules.
    10. Notwithstanding any implied or express terms of this Agreement, the Player agrees that, in the event that Big Dollar computer hardware or software does not properly implement the rules of a casino game, does not properly implement the random number generator, or does not make proper account for the play that has occurred, Big Dollar shall only be liable for the Player's initial deposit. In layman's terms: The Player shall forfeit any winnings made as a result of computer or software error.
    11. The Player acknowledges that cheating of any sort shall result in the forfeiture of all verified balances in the Player's account. The Player further acknowledges that the forfeiture of such verified balances in no way prevents Big Dollar from pursuing other avenues of recourse, such as criminal or civil proceedings.
    12. The Player fully understands that participation in these games is at the Player's sole option, discretion and risk. The Player further agrees to become party to, and shall abide by, all rules, regulations, terms and conditions contained herein. Rules, regulations, terms and conditions may change from time-to-time.
    13. The terms and conditions contained herein represents the complete, final and exclusive agreement between the Player and the Company and supersedes (and merges) all prior agreements, representations and understandings between the Player and the Company.
    14. Big Dollar reserves the right to cancel the Player's account for any valid reason and/or commission an audit of the verified balance in the Player's account at the time of such cancellation.
    15. The Player shall hold the casino, its shareholders, its employees, officers, directors, licensees, distributors, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion or other agencies, media partners and agents harmless, and shall fully indemnify the same groups and/or individuals from any and all costs, expenses, liabilities and damages whatsoever that may arise as a result of the Player's: Such action shall include (but will not necessarily be limited to) any actions that might arise as a result of criminalization of online/internet wagering within the Player's jurisdiction.
      1. entry, use, or re-use of the casino;
      2. use of any materials at the casino;
      3. entry, use, re-use of the casino server;
      4. participation in any game at the casino;
      5. the acceptance of any payout/prize from the casino; or the breach of any warranty given in terms of this agreement.
    16. The Player understands that the term Big Dollar is the trademark, service mark, and trade name of the Company. The Player obtains no rights to such terms, nor any other terms, graphics, text, concepts or methodologies, by using the Web site and the material contained therein.
    17. In the event of the Player applying for a real money account at our casino, the Player, in so doing, authorizes us and/or our designated agent(s) to investigate his/her creditworthiness in connection with the aforementioned application and/or any subsequent deposits that the Player might make at the casino.
    18. In order to comply with the strict laws on money laundering that exists in many jurisdictions, Big Dollar reserve the right to report suspicious transactions to the federal or local authorities within those jurisdictions. All use of this site is with a Player’s agreement to the following: Any type of activity which is considered suspicious may oblige us to report it to the relevant authorities. Examples of such activities include: If we, for any reason, suspect or become aware of any of the above, we may without notice or explanation:
      • The use of funds suspected to be derived from illegal activities.
      • Any suspected intention to conceal or disguise funds derived from illegal activities.
      • Suspicion that the involvement of the casino is in any manner intended to facilitate criminal activity.
      • Make a report to the relevant authorities; and/or
      • Immediately deactivate or close the Player’s Casino Account; and/or
      • Withhold any funds held in such Account; and/or
      • Refuse registration or entry to all or any other Big Dollar and/or betting sites/Rooms.
    19. The Company requires certain identity verification documents after an account has been opened. The documentation required is:
      • A valid form of identity issued by the government of a recognized country/state, such as a driver’s license or passport.
      • A copy of the front and back of a credit or debit card used to fund the Player’s casino account. Thereafter, the Player will be required to submit a copy of the front and back of each and every credit or debit card registered on their casino account.
      • A copy of a utility bill (electricity or other) with the Player’s name and current address on it. Please note that the Casino will not accept online statements or any statements that originate from an electronic source. Players are required to provide the Casino with the copy of a utility bill (electricity or other) that has been received via postal services.
      • When a player withdraws, he/she will receive a Deposit Agreement which will be emailed to the player within 48 hours. He/she needs to complete and return this in order to have his/her withdrawal, processed.
    20. If there are any irregularities or if there is a mismatch between the name and address of the Player, and the name and address associated with the credit or debit card, or other mode of payment used by such Player, all transactions conducted with such credit or debit card will be considered as invalid and voidable at the sole discretion of Big Dollar management.
    21. The Player acknowledges that the casino software, the ‘make-up’ of the casino and all material which may be visually or audibly presented to the Player in his/her use of the casino is either the intellectual property (including, but not limited to, copyright, domain name rights and trademarks) of Big Dollar or its licensor(s). In this regard, the Player acknowledges that he/she has no rights whatsoever to use, or lay claim to, any intellectual property belonging to Big Dollar and/or its licensor(s).
    22. These Rules constitute the entire Agreement and understanding between Big Dollar and the Player. In the event of there being a discrepancy between the English language version of these rules and any other language version, the English language version will be deemed to be correct.
    23. The Casino reserves the right to withhold any withdrawals and/or confiscate all winnings for irregular or suspicious play (Please refer to BONUS-PROMOTIONS WAGERING REQUIREMENTS AND EXCLUDED GAMES Section)
    24. This website is owned by and operated by Ardway Limited, DSLR Suite 413, Ftieh Street, Birkirkara Bypass, BKR2940 Birkirkara, Malta using the gaming license of its holding company Genesys Technology N.V.  Email The Casino is committed to protecting and respecting a Player’s privacy. Furthermore, the Casino complies with all applicable data protection and privacy laws. Neither a Player’s money, or identity is compromised at any time because all information is encrypted, safe and secure. Our casino security measures include: The Casino will contact a Player via the email address provided as their login name for all promotions, bonuses and other information. Unless a Player agrees to their identity being used in promotional material (such as if they win a big progressive jackpot), the casino guarantees their anonymity. A Player’s personal information, contact details etc., will only be used by the Casino to promote, advertise, communicate and alert them of casino activity, promotions, bonuses and other news which affects their play. The Casino holds a Player’s personal information as confidential and will not sell, transfer, trade or rent their details out to any party. All personal information submitted to the Casino is kept on a Secure server, and is considered privileged and is protected. The Player has the right to close his/her Casino account at any time by contacting our customer service department. These requests will be dealt with within 24 hours. Successful credit card deposits are debited from a Player’s credit card accounts and credited to a Player’s Casino account instantly. Should a Payer’s credit card/ACH deposit be deferred due to banking errors or delays, the Player’s casino account will be credited immediately and deferred billing will commence. If the casino is unable to recover the funds from the Player’s credit card/bank account within 72 hours, then deferred billing will cease and all Player winnings, bonuses and loyalty points accrued from the said deposit will be deemed null and void.
      • Advanced Security Technology
      • Transactional Integrity Safeguards
      • Strict Privacy Policy
  • Anti-Spam Policy Big Dollar prohibits the use of its Players' information in any manner associated with the transmission, distribution or delivery of any unsolicited bulk or unsolicited commercial e-mail (‘Spam’). Big Dollar owns the information of its Players and will not sell trade, transfer or rent their personal info to any third party outside of its associated or affiliate companies. Big Dollar, its affiliated and associate companies, will use a Player’s e-mail only to provide them with services and to manage their account. Big Dollar do not permit or authorize its associate or affiliated companies to use, collect, compile or obtain any information about its customers or subscribers, including, but not limited to, subscriber e-mail addresses. The Player shall be responsible for checking these terms and conditions regularly for any changes.
  • Loyalty
    1. Loyalty points are earned in the following ways:
      • Slots – 1 point for every $10 wagered
      • Roulette – 1 point for every $10 wagered
      • Three Card Poker – 1 point for every $10 wagered
      • Keno – 1 point for every $10 wagered
      • Baccarat – 1 point for every $25 wagered
      • Video Poker – 1 point for every $50 wagered
      • Blackjack – 1 point for every $100 wagered
      • Craps – 1 point for every $100 wagered
      • However, when playing with an active bonus, the number of loyalty points is halved – i.e.
      • Slots – 1 point for every $20 wagered
      • Roulette – 1 point for every $20 wagered
      • Three Card Poker – 1 point for every $20 wagered
      • Keno – 1 point for every $20 wagered
      • Baccarat – 1 point for every $50 wagered
      • Video Poker – 1 point for every $100 wagered
      • Blackjack – 1 point for every $200 wagered
      • Craps – 1 point for every $200 wagered
    2. Promotional terms and conditions General Terms and Conditions for Bonus-Promotions PLEASE NOTE: All promotional offers are available BY INVITE ONLY. Competitions, sign-up promotions and bonus-promotions are limited to REAL, registered Players, using USD, CAD, GBP and Euro accounts only. The first-time sign-up bonus is available to USD, CAD, GBP and Euro accounts only. The following terms and conditions apply to all bonus-promotions and offers. In addition to these key terms, please ensure that you familiarize yourself with the specific conditions applicable to any promotion in which you are invited to participate. BONUS-PROMOTION WAGERING REQUIREMENTS AND EXCLUDED GAMES: Wagering for Bonuses – Play through Requirements (% contribution per game as follows): *Percentage of wager placed that counts towards meeting wagering requirements.
      1. Management and staff of Big Dollar (and those of any of its holding, associate and subsidiary companies), its licensors, distributors, wholesalers or affiliates, its advertising, promotion or other agencies, and members of the immediate families of each of the above are not eligible to participate in any bonus promotions. Should there be any confusion whatsoever as to the conditions applicable, please do not hesitate to contact us.
      2. The standard Casino terms and conditions shall apply to any and all actions between Big Dollar and the Player, and must be read with all relevant promotional terms and conditions applicable to each offer/promotion.
      3. Bonus-promotions are only valid for the period as specified in the bonus-promotion offer communication, and are specific to the referenced Casino and/or account number.
      4. All promotions at Big Dollar are limited to real money Players only. No withdrawal is permitted if there are active and/or pending bonuses which have withdrawal restrictions until play through requirements has been achieved.
      • Slots and Keno *100%
      • Roulette *50%
      • Three Card Poker *50%
      • Baccarat *25%
      • Video Poker*10%
      • Blackjack/Craps*5%
      • After the first deposit bonus, bonuses will be given on subsequent deposits only if the Player has no funds in their account from a previous deposit and deposit bonus (account balance plus bonuses is less than $/€/₤5) at the discretion of the Casino, and have not requested a withdrawal. Any withdrawal or pending withdrawal will void the right to receive the remaining bonuses.
      • Any discrepancies with funds in the Player’s account may affect their withdrawal. Furthermore, their account status may be subject to review and could be suspended.
      • All match bonus offers between 1% and 100% need to be wagered through 60X by MVP, Big Shot, VIP and Hi Roller Players before a Player can make any withdrawal – unless stated otherwise. For example: a Player deposits $100 and gets 100% Match Bonus. To withdraw, a Player needs to wager $100 ($100 Bonus Money) X 60 = $6,000.
      • Unless specifically stated otherwise, the match bonus amount is considered NON-REDEEMABLE and will be removed from the amount of a player's withdrawal request. Withdrawal requests made for less than the minimum withdrawal amount of $100, will be reversed and transferred back to the player’s casino account.
      • All match bonus offers greater than 100% need to be wagered through 60X by MVP, Big Shot, VIP and Hi Roller Players before a Player can make any withdrawal, and are subject to a maximum withdrawal amount of $1,000 unless otherwise stated. For example: a Player deposits and gets $100, gets 110% Match Bonus. To withdraw a Player needs to wager $110 ($110 Bonus Money) X 60 = $6,600.
      • All non-deposit bonuses, i.e. free spins and free money are subject to 60X playthrough before a Player can make a withdrawal. For example: Player claims a free spin offer. Player wins $100 from free spins. To withdraw, a Player needs to wager the $100 won off free spins X 60 = $6,000. For example: Player receives a $25 free chip. Player must meet 60X playthrough, so $25 X 60 = $1,500.
      • No Player may redeem two non-deposit bonuses (free money, free spins, etc.) consecutively. i.e. a Player must make at least a $25 deposit in-between claiming any non-deposit offers. If a deposit is not made between non-deposit offers, any subsequent winnings will be voided.
      • All free spins bonuses carry a cash out multiplier which means that the maximum value that can be converted to cash is 5 times the value of the free spin bonus. A maximum cash-in amount applies to standard Free Money/Free Spins/Loyalty Points Redeemed/Competition or Tournament Prizes where there is no deposit required.
      • In order to withdraw cash prizes won from tournaments, leaderboards or any other competitions, a deposit must have been made prior to the events’ commencement.
      • Reversed withdrawals are not considered deposits and will not be matched with a bonus.
  1. When playing with an active bonus, € Players are strictly limited to bets no more than €8 per round and €0.50 per line. Bets in excess of these limits will deem all winnings to be void.
  2. Before any withdrawals are processed, the Player’s gameplay will be reviewed for any irregular playing patterns. In the interests of fair gaming, equal, zero or low margin bets or hedge betting shall all be considered irregular gaming for bonus playthrough requirement purposes. Other examples of irregular game play include, but are not limited to, placing single OR multiple bets on a single game equal to or in excess of 30% or more of the value of the bonus credited to their account until such time as the wagering requirements for that bonus have been met. Should the Casino deem that irregular gameplay has occurred; the Casino reserves the right to withhold any withdrawals and/or confiscate all winnings.
  3. Unless specifically stated otherwise, playing a prohibited or restricted game(s) while using a bonus will void any winnings generated during the use of that bonus. These terms are valid even once playthrough has been met.
  4. Each individual Player is entitled to one (1) account only. Winnings will only be paid to Players with one account. In cases where a Player has more than one account, winnings will be null and void.
  5. Each Player may only partake in one bonus-promotion per deposit. If a Player receives more than one bonus-promotion per specific deposit, any winnings will be void.
  6. For the purpose of all bonus-promotions, dates and times shall be calculated according to Eastern Standard Time (EST), which is GMT minus 5.
  7. Where bonus-promotions are specifically addressed to an individual/Casino account, offers are only valid in respect of the Casino and Casino account number, as specified in the bonus-promotion notification communication (offer).
  8. Irregularities between the name of the Casino account holder and the name of the individual identified with the method used to make deposits, will invalidate any offer.
  9. Match bonus offers must be claimed immediately after making a deposit and must be used in conjunction with the same deposit. Should a Player not claim the bonus immediately after making a deposit, the bonus is forfeited/lost. In addition:
    1. The Casino reserves the right to void all withdrawals and/or winnings made as a result of playing with a bonus claimed after playing with money made from a deposit.
    2. Match bonuses can only be used in conjunction with a Player’s first deposit of the day and MUST be claimed immediately thereafter.
  10. The cash-in pending period at Big Dollar is 3 business days. Please note: If the cash-in is reversed by the Player during the 3 business days waiting period, the waiting period is reset and the pending period begins again.
    • Withdrawals depend on verification of all required documents as set in Point 19 under our General Terms and Conditions. The minimum cash-in amount is $/€/₤100, and there is a service fee of between $0 and $30 per transaction applicable. This amount will vary depending on the size of the withdrawal and the processor used.
    • • Skrill –$0.00 Fees – Instant receipt once payment is processed
      • Neteller –$0.00 Fees – Instant receipt once payment is processed
      • EcoCard –$0.00 Fees – Instant receipt once payment is processed
      • Bitcoin - $0.00 Fees - Up to 5 Business days once payment is processed
      • Courier Cheques –$30.00 Fees – 15 Business days to receive payment (10 days to receive, 5 days to clear)
      • Wire Transfer - $20 Fees - Up to 10 days Business once payment is processed
    • Please note: The maximum cash-in amount on Free Money/Free Spins/Loyalty Points Redeemed/Competition or Tournament Prizes (No Deposit Required) is $/€/£100 (One Hundred). In order to withdraw cash prizes won from tournaments, leaderboards or any other competitions, a deposit must have been made prior to the events’ commencement.
    • All withdrawals below $2,000 USD (or the equivalent amount in EURO or GBP or CAD currency) will be paid to a Player in a lump sum. For withdrawals greater than $2,000, the total amount will be paid out in instalments according to the following rules:
    • MVP Players will receive a maximum payout of $10,000 per week until the entire withdrawal amount has been paid out in full.
    • Big Shot Players will receive a maximum payout of $5,000 per week until the entire withdrawal amount has been paid out in full.
    • VIP Tier Players will receive a maximum payout of $5,000 per week until the entire withdrawal amount has been paid out in full.
    • Hi Roller Players will receive a maximum payout of $2,000 per week until the entire withdrawal amount has been paid out in full.
    Non depositing players may only make a withdrawal on any bonus, free spins or loyalty points, once a real money deposit has been made. The amount deposited will not be combined with the withdrawal amount. Rather, it will be placed in the player’s account once the withdrawal has been paid out. Subject to standard casino terms and conditions, the player will have access to the deposit amount as a cash balance.
  12. A wager is defined in the following example: If you wager 10 credits each on two spins of Age of Spartan, winning 10 Credits on your first spin and losing 10 credits on the second spin, your credit balance will not change. HOWEVER, this counts as 20 credits wagered in full and fulfils your promotional-bonus obligation. Players can use the PlayBack facility to view their wagers.
  13. Promotional-bonus offers by e-mail, text message and direct mail are for the intended recipient only and cannot be transferred.
  14. Any Player deviating from the promotional rules will be disqualified; however, their original deposit amount will be credited to their Casino account.
  15. In cases where a Player has been identified as a bonus abuser in Big Dollar or any of its associated Casinos, Big Dollar reserves the right to deny a Player any download bonus on his/her first deposit. In such cases, the original deposit will be refunded, however, the Player will not benefit from the bonus-promotion he/she is judged to be abusive.
  16. A bonus abuser is defined as a Player who uses promotional-bonus money to deviously profit from bonus-promotions that are offered, in good faith, by the Casino with a view to gaining Player loyalty. Such Players generally accept bonuses, wager the minimum amount and immediately withdraw. Big Dollar reserves the right to take appropriate action against such Players.
  17. Big Dollar reserves the right to refuse a promotional-bonus for any reason deemed valid and appropriate, including, but not restricted to, promotion abuse by a Player.
  18. Big Dollar reserves the right to close accounts at any time, particularly when registration information is discovered to be incorrect or misleading, or when Casino management deems the Player's participation to be of dishonest intention and practice, or when there is a history of charge backs on any deposits made.
  19. Big Dollar reserves the right to audit any and all withdrawals. Big Dollar reserves the right to reclaim bonuses or winnings for failed audits – the original wagered amount will be credited to the Player's Casino account though.
  20. Big Dollar reserves the right to discontinue or cancel any promotion as and when management deems it appropriate.
  21. Big Dollar bonus-promotions department is the sole judge with respect to any disputes regarding any promotional offer.
  22. Each promotional-bonus rule shall be severable from each of the other rules and, if any rule is found to be void, invalid or unenforceable, for any reason, the remaining rules shall remain in full force and in effect.
  23. All bonuses need to be claimed by the Player themselves within the specified promotional period. No bonus will be credited to any Players account automatically.
  24. All competitions and bonus-promotions are limited to registered REAL Players at Big Dollar only.
  25. In order to qualify for subsequent promotion-bonuses, the Player will need to make a minimum deposit of $20 between the last bonus credited to their Casino account and the date of their application for the next bonus offer.
  26. Non-compliance with any promotional terms and conditions shall be deemed to be 'Promotion Abuse' and, as such, gives Big Dollar’s Management the right to, at its sole discretion, take appropriate action in order to facilitate a gaming experience that is fair, entertaining and beneficial to all parties involved.
  27. By taking up any Big Dollar offer, and playing in our Casino, the Player acknowledges that any and all terms and conditions have been read and agreed to.
  28. Players from the following countries are not eligible to claim any Free Welcome Bonus Offer(s) from Big Dollar Casino, regardless of an invite been received or via the website. Free Welcome Bonus Offers refers to any offer(s) made by Big Dollar Casino or its affiliates where free play (with bonus money) or free spins are available without the Player having to make a deposit. Please note that should such an offer be claimed by any Player from any of the countries listed below, all winnings resulting from it will be made null and void:
    • AfghanistanAlbaniaAlgeria Armenia Azerbaijan Bangladesh Belarus Bosnia Bosnia And Herzegovina Brazil Bulgaria Colombia Croatia Czech Republic Dominica Estonia French Polynesia Georgia Greece Guadeloupe Herzegovina Hungary Indonesia Iran Iraq Ireland Japan Kazakhstan Kosovo Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Latvia Lithuania Macao Macedonia, The Former Yugoslavia Mexico Republic Of Moldova Republic Of Mongolia Montenegro Morocco Poland Romania Russia / Russian Federation Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Syria Tajikistan Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan Ukraine Uzbekistan Viet Nam
  29. Withdrawals will only be paid out in the currency of residence where supported, i.e. $ (US, CA, AU), €, £, Krone. Other regions may only play in US$. Failure to adhere to this will render winnings null and void.
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Casinò Big Dollar

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Il design del casinò è bello, elegante e ricco. Uno sfondo scuro con un disegno che fa effetto, riflessi sulle scritte di platino, eleganti elementi di design di colore rosso, logo sotto forma del dollaro statunitense con la firma che si imprime nella mente, banner di qualità, assenza di pubblicità fastidiosa – per tutto questo possiamo solo lodare o progettisti.


Grande dollaro appartiene alla società Suzhou NV, che opera su licenza rilasciata in Curacao nel 2011. Sul sito del casinò c’è un riferimento, cliccando sul quale vedrete una copia di questo documento.

“Big Dollar” offre ai clienti i giochi d’azzardo della produzione di BetOnSoft (Saucify). Si può giocare nel casinò online tramite un programma gratuiti delcliente che è possibile installare sul computer, oppure direttamente in modalità flash. Entrambe le versioni sono altamente funzionali e comode.

È possibile inoltre attivare molti modelli rappresentati sui dispositivi portatili.

L’interfaccia è rappresentata in inglese, tedesco, italiano e francese. La versione inglese è quella principale, perciò si raccomanda studiare il contratto con l’utente e le regole di assegnamento dei bonus proprio in questa versione. Al gioco a soldi vengono ammessi gli utenti maggiorenni.

L’amministrazione vieta la registazione agli abitanti di Repubblica Sudafricana, Polonia, Bangla Desh e Australia.

Giochi di casinò

A “Big dollar” è presentata una scelta impressionante di giochi di tutti i principali generi: slot machines classiche, video slot (compreso 3D), giochi da tavolo e giochi di carte, video poker, i modelli con jackpot cumulativi, così come i giochi d’azzardo che per le loro caratteristiche non sono inclusi in nessun gruppo di cui sopra. Cercate le recensioni dettagliate nella sezione dedicata del portale.

L’amministrazione dà la possibilità di testare tutti i giochi online gratis.

Al casinò si svolgono regolarmente i numerosi tornei tra i clienti. Gli eventi del genere si svolgono in diversi formati su diversi modelli.

Politica di bonus

Esaminiamo le proposte principali del programma di bonus di “Big Dollar”:

  • Bonus d’invito di 100% dall’ammontare fino a $500 viene assegnato a tutti i clienti nuovi che registrano per la prima volta l’account e ricaricano il conto di gioco.
  • Bonus d’invito di 100% dall’ammontare fino a $200 è accessibile ai giocatori che giocano tramite la versione scaricabile del casinò per AppleMac.
  • Bonus per i High Roller è pari a 50% dal totale del deposito e può raggiungere $1000.
  • Conforme al programma di lealtà che vige a Big Dollar, ai giocatori vengono assegnati i Comp Points per le scommesse che fanno con i soldi reali. A seconda del tipo di gioco tale punteggio è previsto per $10, $20, $25, $50, $100 o $200. Il cambio di tali punti in denaro viene stabilito a parte per ogni singolo livello assegnato dai clienti.

Inoltre, al casinò si svolgono spesso vari sorteggi, lotterie ed altri eventi di incentivazione per i clienti fissi. Consigliamo di iscriversi alla newsletter alla registrazione, in modo da non perdere nessun evento interessante e redditizio.Le regole di ottenimento e rivincita dei bonus vengono esaminate dettagliatamente in una sezione speciale del contratto con l’utente. Non dimenticate di studiarlo con attenzione prima di presentare le richieste.

Ricarica e ritiro dei soldi

Il casinò accetta i pagamenti in diverse valute, tra cui dollari USA, sterline, euro, corone danesi e unità monetarie. È possibile depositare il denaro sul conto in seguenti modi: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Giro, ideali, paysafecard, Ukash, Skrill, Neteller es alcune altre. Il ritiro delle vincite viene effettuato tramite Neteller, assegno, vaglia o bonifico bancario.

Tutti i particolari dell’uso di vari sistemi di pagamento, nonché le informazioni sulle limitazioni cercate nella sezione dedicata del sito “Big Dollar”.

Servizio di supporto

I principianti troveranno tutte le informazioni necessarie su come aprire il conto ed iniziare a giocare sulla pagina Getting Started. Per qualsiasi domanda, è possibile contattare i collaboratori del servizio di supporto di ventiquattro ore. Rispondono alle domande ai numeri di telefono e di fax dedicati ai residenti dei paesi diversi, così come nel chat online.


Il casinò Big Dollar ha i numerosi vantaggi, come potete vedere, se avete leggetto con attenzione la nostra revisione. Ai suoi vantaggi possiamo attribuire scelta dei giochi, presenza delle promozioni redditizie, svolgimento dei tornei e così via Non abbiamo riscontrato gravi carenze. Forse potrebbe essere considerato una carenza il numero insufficiente di vari metodi di ricarica del conto.

Saremo lieti di conoscere la vostra opinione sul casinò. I pareri su “Big Dollar” espressi dai suoi clienti aiuteranno i lettori di de.Casinostop10 a formare un parere su questo casinò online.

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Pro e contro
  • Bitcoin accettato
  • Supporto in chat disponibile 24/7
  • Commissioni su alcuni metodi di versamento e prelievo
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Valute Sono accettate diverse valute principali
Tempi / limiti di prelievo
  • 8.000 € al mese
Casino information
  • Autorizzato: Nessuna licenza valida!
  • Posseduto da: Genesys Technology N.V.
Contatti Casinò Big Dollar
Paesi con restrizioni I giocatori dei seguenti paesi non potranno giocare a Casinò Big Dollar

Casinò Big Dollar Bonuses
Casinò Big Dollar
1° deposito – Big Dollar Casino
Bonus code: TRAVEL300
  • Deposito minimo: 20 $
  • WR: 60x bonus
  • Puoi ricevere il bonus abbastanza VELOCEMENTE
  • Quando scommetti il bonus, viene detratto il valore iniziale del bonus
  • Incasso massimo: 1.000 $
  • Si applicano delle condizioni: gioca responsabilmente


Casinò Big Dollar
Bonus registrazione – Big Dollar Casino
Bonus code: TRAVEL50
  • WR: 60x
  • Puoi ricevere il bonus abbastanza VELOCEMENTE
  • Incasso massimo: 100 $
  • Si applicano delle condizioni: gioca responsabilmente


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