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Loose Aggressive Holdem – How To Avoid The 3 Worst Aggressive Mistakes

If you aren’t succeeding very well with a loose aggressive Holdem style then you are probably making one of these mistakes. Learn how to avoid them now.

Playing loose aggressive Holdem is great – when it works out. What’s frustrating is when you try to play loose aggressive and you end up losing you whole stack. You lose a lot of money, feel bummed out and curse yourself for even trying it.

But when you win with it, wow, the results can be amazing. There is no faster way to lots of easy money in poker then a loose aggressive Holdem strategy. So, if you want to be known as a good poker player and really become successful at Holdem make sure you never ever make one of these mistakes when playing loose aggressive.

Mistake #1 – Possible Doom

Making this mistake could lead you to possible problems in the future. Well, in fact, you’re loose aggressive strategy will just become a loose strategy and you will lose a lot. This mistake is calling or checking!

When you lose consistency like this and you back off from being aggressive you’re telling everyone that you have bad cards and you’re not sure what you’re doing. And no, don’t think about check raising its not congruent with this strategy. Most players can’t check raise correctly so don’t worry about it.

Mistake #2 – Imminent Failure

If you are playing too loose, or too many cards, you may do well for a while but your failure is sure to be soon. You’re gonna dig yourself into a nice big hole. Play a proper loose aggressive strategy and not a bullying strategy. Even if your bankroll is humungous why would you want to through money away? You’re meant to be playing loose, not wide open!

Mistake #3 – Insideous Problem

This problem that any good loose aggressive Holdem player will run into will slowly burn away at you and sooner or later cause everything to come crashing down. This insideous mistake is to think you are invincible.

Loose aggressive is good, yes, and you will probably win anyway, yes – if you are sticking to good practice and not making any mistakes. However, you need to look at everyone else on the table, identify their style and play to it. If you know that one person is a blind defender and you only have so-so cards maybe skip this one. If you had those same cards but you know the big blind is a weakling attack him.

Don’t think that just cause you’ve got a big stack you’ll win all the time. Like I said before you want to play loose aggressive not a straight out bulling strategy. If there are too many loose aggressive players at the table you wont be able to win as easily. This is usually the biggest reason why this strategy stops working. So if you identify that you know you should change table or change styles to compensate.

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