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National Pub Poker League – 5 New Tips To Maintain Your Focus

Playing at the National Pub Poker League can be intimidating and being in a pub can be distracting. I’ve got even more tips to help you maintain your focus and win at the next NPPL!

Maintaining Your Focus At The National Pub Poker League

Pubs are great, we all love them. Previously they had poker nights and they were great. Some popular pubs would even hold little tournaments. Now we have the National Pub Poker League, which is a recognized poker league held at many pubs. This is great, however, there are a few drawbacks. Seeing as it’s held in a pub there are many distractions that you wouldn’t otherwise get at a standard poker tournament.

Whoever you are, I know that you, like me, are interested in poker. That’s why your spending your time wisely reading this article. If you’re struggling with succeeding at the National Pub Poker League, take a deep breath and relax. Let us take aim at the issue here, which is the countless amount of distractions. In fact, we are going to nail down the problems right now.

#1 Don’t Watch The Sports

Try to refrain from playing your game of poker, having a conversation with your partner, following the football, watching the winner of the last horse race and.. you get what I mean. Don’t get sucked into watching the footy. It’s so easy to do I know but you just have to be strong and play poker. Remember you are there to play poker and win so that’s what you should concentrate on. You can always go back and watch the highlights later.

#2 Dont Be Distracted By Women

If there are women in the bar and you’re a single guy then don’t make the mistake of getting distracted. Like I said before, you are there to play poker and WIN! If you’re distracted you’re going to get destroyed by the bloke who’s focussing on his game. Before or after the poker game feel free to do what you want just follow this tips advice and don’t get suckered to looking at and thinking about girls when you’re playing.

#3 Don’t Keep Track Of Who’s Winning At Pool

Most pubs I know have a pool table or four and for some reason they are always right next to the tables they set up for poker. It must have something to do with the spare space, I don’t know. However, I do find that a bunch of blokes playing pool, making pets, taking shots etc often easily take your attention. That’s because when pocket a ball they’ll yell and high five and make a racket. Its easy to be distracted by them but you have to resist.

#4 Pay Attention To The Players

Remember, its not just about you, your cards, your stack and what you are doing. You need to be vitally aware of the other players. You need to pin players on a type and style, figure out which are pretty bad and which players are actual contenders, all that jazz. By focusing not just on yourself but on the other players you will easily be able to bully and trick the worse players.

#5 Play At The Pub Like A Real Tournament – It Is

Most often then not there will be quite a few players at the pub to play at the poker night. Poker is pretty popular nowadays. Texas Holdem Poker helped out with that. This means there are often multiple tables and lots of players. Now with the National Pub Poker League the games played at pubs are recognized and it is a real tournament. As with all National Pub Poker League tournaments the blinds increase over time. Focus on the game just like you would for a real tournament (it is!). Try to watch other players at other tables, remember faces and types and styles, keep an eye on the stacks, watch the time limit until the next blinds etc. Play like you’re at a real tournament and you’ll not only do better you’ll also get more, better, practice for the next time you go.

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