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Poker Tournament Strategies – 3 Secrets To Winning Tournaments

Are you frustrated with the success rate of your current poker tournament strategies? Well don’t miss out on these 3 secrets to winning poker tournaments.

Whether you are playing in online poker tournaments, in live poker tournaments or even in Las Vegas poker tournaments, you need a solid winning Texas Holdem Poker tournament strategy if you are ever going to take first prize. And these 3 poker tournament strategy secrets, call them poker tournament tips if you like, will surely help you get that.

Winning Poker Tournament Strategies:

#1 Secret – Avoid Coin-Flip Hands

The fastest way to lose in Texas Hold Em Poker is to go all-in on a coin flip hand, and have it fall against you. Poker tournament strategies that involve relying on winning coin flip hands with all-ins are only half good, literally.

Yes it is great to double up in a tournament. Yes you can guess your opponents hand range to possibly give you an advantage, but the fact of the matter is a coin flip is a coin flip. 50 percent of the time it goes your way and 50 percent of the time it doesn’t.

This means at least 50% of the tournaments you play with these types of poker tournament strategy you will lose. You will lose your buy in, you will waste your time, and you’ll damage you reputation. Stick to the more solid poker tournament strategies, there are plenty of them.

#2 Secret – Steal Blinds and Antes

A much better way to increase your stack and get ahead in you next Texas Hold Em Poker tournament is to take calculated risks to steal the blinds and the antes, when they are in play. Stealing blinds is a must just to keep up with the crowd.

Whatever poker tournament structure or poker tournament rules there are they always include blind increases over time. As the poker tournament clock ticks away you need to be moving forward just to be staying average. You can do this by winning pots but sometimes you don’t get dealt the right cards. This is where blind steals come in.

Stealing blinds involves making calculated aggressive moves from position to take the pot pre-flop and clean up the blinds (and sometimes a few chips from limpers). It is the best way to keep your stack healthy and all winning poker tournament strategies incorporate it.

#3 Secret – Don’t Be Super-Tight

The fact is, poker tournament strategies requiring super tight play for too long just won’t make it. These strategies might be good for making it through the bubble, to the money, but they aren’t exactly the best for taking first prize.

Playing tight has it’s advantages but remaining tight for too long can be the touch of death. Once the blinds start getting bigger and bigger the super-tight player will just not be able to play in enough pots to survive.

Even my own poker tournament strategies , especially ones for Sit N Go tournaments,  do involve tight play, but they incorporate blind steals, safe all-ins and then playing looser and looser to even out the slight deficit of chips tight tournament play naturally incurs.

Now, you are probably becoming aware of how you will be able to use these secrets to be more successful the next time your play in a tournament. In fact, you might be realizing a time before when you made one of these mistakes and that cost you the tournament, and you can now imagine how you will be able to prevent this going forward because you now know this information.

The thing is, the only way to be able to get to a level of success where you can easily and consistently win poker tournaments is to get to a certain level of expertise. And the only way to get to that level of expertise is to continually learn and practice.

Ever heard the saying ‘practice makes perfect’? Well they lied to you. The truth is ‘ perfect practice makes perfect’. So no matter how much you practice, if you are doing it the wrong way you will just lose money, waste time, and never really get to where you want to be.

So, if you are wondering what you should do then, the best thing I can suggest is to act smart, invest wisely, stop throwing your money away at the tables and at tournament buy-ins, and go out, buy a bunch of books and courses on poker, read them, learn them, practice them in the quiet of your own home by yourself, and then, once you are actually confident and know what you are doing, step out into the real world and make some money.

Also, you’ll benefit from a fresh stream of free tips, tricks and secrets just like these, so enter your name and email address in the form just below. To start you off on learning the right stuff first, I’ll give you my ebook on how to play Texas Hold Em Poker for free . It includes more Texas Hold Em Poker tips which will make you a better poker player immediately.

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