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Setting Holdem Goals – Do You Have A Plan?

Setting Holdem goals is basically useless without a plan to achieve those goals you’ve set. There is no use setting a Holdem goal that reads ‘I’m going to make $1000 a week playing Holdem, and this means I’m a Holdem master’ if you expect to just magically achieve it without actually playing any Holdem.

Setting Holdem Goals Is Going To Take Resources

Achieving anything will take resources, and setting Holdem goals means you will are committing resources to that set goal.

There are three main resources: time, effort and money.

These are somewhat interchangeable. I.e. you can change your time and effort for money by working. Or you can change your money for time by paying the next door neighbours kid to mow the lawn.

If you spend a lot of time and effort you’ll probably get money in return. Think of work.
If you spend a lot of effort and money you’ll probably get time in return. Think of investing.
If you spend a lot of time and money you’ll get effort in return, i.e. things will be a lot easier.

To master Holdem, think of it like this:

You can spend time and effort going to the library, doing Internet searches, talking to people at the casino, home games and poker clubs and with a lot of time and effort you’ll become a poker master whilst saving money.

You can spend effort and money hitting the tables day after day, practicing with sheer brute force and you will become a poker master whilst saving time compared to choice number 1.

You can spend time and money on books, courses and training programs and you will become a poker master whilst saving a lot of effort, i.e it will be a lot easier via this method.

Setting Holdem Goals – Resource Management

It’s vitally important to properly plan for and manage your resources if you even expect to achieve the Holdem goals you’ve set, or else why set goals in the first place? It’s no use planning to spend $1000 on poker books if you don’t have that much money, or planning to play 40 hours of Holdem each week when you don’t have that free time.

So the first thing to do is to take a stocktake of what resources you actually have to achieve you Holdem goals.

How much time each week or month do you have to invest to practice and study?
How much money do you have to invest into practice and study?
How much effort are you willing to put in, or how much effort can you put in.

1 hour of study with full-blown effort is different to 1 hour study whilst being interrupted by the kids and having the TV blaring in the background. 1 hour of practice in solitude alone with a pen and paper is different to an hour practice at old mate Jim’s BBQ after you’ve had 6 beers.

Setting Holdem Goals – Tracking Your Progress

It’s often extremely beneficial to get the idea of setting mini Holdem goals that make-up your main goal. This way, you can track to see if you are on track to achieving it.

If you don’t achieve your mini goals and you are tracking that you are extremely behind in achieving your goal this may be just what you need to kick up a bit more enthusiasm and initiaitive and you can make the time up.

If you are tracking well along the way then you will be filled with excitement and confidence because you are extremely close to achieiving the Holdem goals you set.

So How Am I Going To Set My Holdem Goals?

  • I’m going to take a stocktake of my available resources for the year
  • I’ll define how much time, money and effort I’m willing to invest to achieve my Holdem goals
  • I’ll make a snap-judgement goal, based on what I really want/dream to achieve this year and vaguely estimated to the amount of resources I have
  • I’ll divide that up into 4 to 6 mini-goals, one per 2-3 months
  • I’ll focus on the first mini-goal and divide 1/4 of my resources off to ensure I achieve that goal.
  • And I’ll get to work

I hope you spend some time setting Holdem goals for yourself so that you can actually lock in some successful progress in the coming months and years. Don’t let next year be another dead year.

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