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Sit N Go Tournaments – 7 Steps To Winning Sit N Go’s Tweet

Are you frustrated that you haven’t won any Sit N Go tournaments, and you are sick of wasting your time and money? Well don’t miss out on these 7 steps to winning!

Sit N Go Tournaments Winning Step #1


A great Sit N Go Tournament strategy to use for Sit N Go Tournaments online is to play tight aggressive. With this poker strategy you want to build your tight aggressive image, only playing strong cards and choosing your battles wisely. Be sure to bet out strong when you do play. This image will serve you later.

Sit N Go Tournaments Winning Step #2


Whenever I play Sit N Go Tournaments I spend most of my time watching the other players – calculating all kinds of things, sitting and waiting for the right time. You really want to determine what Sit N Go strategy they are using for later in the tournament. You will need this information to make informed, calculated decisions to win your first prize.

Sit N Go Tournaments Winning Step #3

Grow Your Stack

As your Sit N Go tournaments progress you will need to be growing your stack to at least keep up with the blinds. You should be doing this just from natural good hole cards you get dealt, however, you’ll want to super-charge your chances of winning by growing your stack faster.

You can do this by stealing the blinds. This is a Sit N Go Poker strategy that isn’t utilised by many players. When you are in late position or at the cutoff and everyone folds or limps in to you, just bet four or five times the big blind. Usually everyone will fold and you will win the pots. This is a very valuable skill to have.

Sit N Go Tournaments Winning Step #4

Loosen Up

When you get about about 65% of the way through Sit N Go tournaments you’ll want to start loosening up to be taking more pots. Your squeaky tight image should serve you well here. You want to make a dash for as many chips as you can. Grabbing whatever blinds and ante’s as possible will definitely help you win this Texas Poker tournament.

Sit N Go Tournaments Winning Step #5

Late Game

With this Sit N Go strategy, you should have a chip lead by the last 20% of players (so 5-7 of a 27man or last table for a 45 man). You want to be at least average preferably above average or leader. Being short stacked late in Sit N Go tournaments isn’t good.

Sit N Go Tournaments Winning Step #6


Sooner or later the decision will come up to all-in or call an all-in, as in an Texas Hold Em Poker game. The main point to remember is that no matter how great it would be to win and double up, if you lose you are out. Only ever all-in or call an all-in when you are 99% sure you have the nuts. And if you do call, make sure your opponent has a smaller stack than you.

Sit N Go Tournaments Winning Step #7


The most important thing when playing Sit N Go Poker is keep your eye on the prize. Don’t get bored or too eager to “just play” and make bad Texas Holdem mistakes. Slow and steady wins Sit N Go Tournaments (with a quick dash towards the end).

Probably, right now you are becoming aware of how you can win Sit N Go tournaments using this strategy. In fact, you have probably already used some parts of it, but have made a few mistakes here and there which have contributed to you losing in the end. That’s fine, because now that you are realizing that you have more learning and practice to do you will go and learn what you need to win.

You are most likely feeling or experiencing a feeling of curiosity – the feeling that makes you want to get your hands on anything and everything that will teach you more about poker. This is great, because when you follow on and act on these thoughts you will become successful in poker. And every time you turn away and do not act to learn more you will become a worse poker player.

Now, if you would like to be taught more Texas Hold Em Poker tips just like these for free, enter your name and email address in the form just below. You’ll get a free ebook on how to play Texas Hold Em Poker, including Texas Hold Em Poker Tips, Tricks and Secrets, Sit N Go Tournament strategy and a lot more of other extremely useful information, which will immediately make you a better poker player.

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