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Play X-Men Slots Online With Best Bonuses

Marvels X-Men Slot is a premier rated casino game built by industry software giant’s playtech and based upon the characters from the well known comic series. So how do the mutants perform when it comes to online gambling?
The mutants which have super powers ranging from telepathy to super skeletons stronger than steel were launched main stream after the blockbuster movie smashed the box office in 2000. The game which has 5 reels and 25 paylines has one of the largest betting scales in the gaming industry and works in conjunction with the marvel slots jackpot. X men has a wild bonus, scatters, the super class x feature and a free games mode (heroes and villains).

About The Playtech X-Men Slot Game

Blade was one of the first marvel slots to hit casino lobbies on the internet, the avengers slot and iron man came later. But somewhere in the middle were the X-Men. It was a time when Hollywood’s obsession with super heroes was still very much booming and this only meant one thing, competition. Software developers had to act in order to produce something dynamic and versatile, the cold war of fruit machines had begun. Playtech’s earlier work was good, but it wasn’t super, designers like their superior comic characters needed to save the day. The result was advanced graphics, sound effects and music that engaged the player and features that were considered cutting edge. The X Men Slot was born and they left nothing out. Even the most important detail (good versus evil) is at the very foundation of this casino game.

Game Symbols, Paylines, Pay Out Rates and Reels

If you’ve seen other marvel games like the iron man slot from playtech, then you’ll be familiar straight away with the sleek styling of the reels. One thing we love about the whole comic book culture is the illustrations of the characters, and the X Men slot is no exception. The decision to use the heroes and villains against the reels backdrop works wonderful, good guys include Professor X, Nightcrawler, Storm, Cyclops and the unstoppable Wolverine. In the blue corner Magneto heads up the bad guys with evil mutants Lady Deathstrike, Juggernaut, Sabretooth and a rather lovely but very blue Mystique. The cool and chrome X-Men logo plays the scatter component whilst the wild is nicely labelled «wild». This marvel powerhouse has five reels, 25 winning lines and an average pay out rate of 94. 82%.

X-Men Slots Bonus Features

This game is loaded with features and I guess it had to be, so let’s first explain the basics (scatter and wilds). The scatter bonus activates when 2 or more x men logos appear anywhere on the reels. The prize for the scatter bonus is fixed rate, with the more logos meaning the bigger the cash prize. The payout is also multiplied by the total bet. Wild symbols on the other hand can stand for any other symbol except the scatter. The wild bonus will look for the best possible winning combination, overriding a regular win if the wilds prize potential is greater.
The X-Feature is an additional source of income for winning players; not a bonus game. Whenever 5 heroes land on the reels and in position to form an X in the centre of the video slot, you’ll win back five times the total bet.
Playtech have included a free spins bonus mode that splits for both heroes and villains, a nice touch that puts the game above most other online slot games. Landing 3 of more scatter symbols on x men’s reels will start the action, let the battle begin. At first it’s the heroes that start the game with Wolverine and co spinning upwards with free credit after free credit (the spins are unlimited). This then continues until the world’s most evil magnet appears on reel 3. Magneto stops all the fun, but don’t worry the villain’s award 8 free spins at which point Professor X battles back. We basically have an epic war based around free spins and lots of them.
The marvel slots jackpot is part of marvels progressive prize pool that includes a number of the hero themed slot games; it’s also networked between multiple casino sites to ensure some of the biggest jackpots possible. These enormous amounts of money are triggered at random and award chances to win power, extra power, super power and absolute power. All of which are levels that denote huge winning values.

Betting Limits & Jackpot

At 25 betting lines and with bet levels ranging from £0. 01 to £50. 00 per betting line, the range of cost per spin is vast. Players can sit tight on a penny or high roll with £1250. 00 on one push of the button. Playtech have made sure this game suits everyone. Multiple wins vary considerably and the video slot pays well on good runs. The flagship jackpot for X-Men is 10, 000 coins, but players may also breach the progressive marvel slots jackpot for something far more spectacular.

Why Play Marvels X Men Slot?

It won’t take much to persuade fans but playtech won’t have to worry about newbie’s either. The marvel slots revolution started here and all other games since have looked in this direction. It’s action packed, explosive, looks the part and delivers on all fronts. From its opening introductions of the characters, to the illustrations of these incredible mutants, from the massive betting scale to its jam packed features, playtechs mission was simple. Build something extraordinary.

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