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The main video poker strategy

In this article we will provide the video poker strategy guide that will help you to win in the hard battle for the jackpot during video poker online. Our main goal is to increase the chances of the win and get the best odds while playing this game. Some casino games don’t require any specific knowledge or experience in order to win, all you need to have is good luck. Nevertheless, video poker requires more: the players should use strategic thinking in order to improve winning chances as well as decrease the house edge. The player can find a video poker strategy chart for just any variation available. Moreover, you can even find the sites that can generate a video poker optimal strategy which will be based on the game and the pay table.

Players should be ready to face different problems as well as to make decisions during video poker. Nevertheless, if you know the video poker perfect strategy, these decisions won’t be difficult as you already know the math which lies underneath. Every player can calculate the expected return of each hand because each video poker basic strategy is based on the expected return. Basic strategy will help the players to make the right decisions in different tricky situations which can occur during the game.

The video poker strategy cards

Every player knows that in order to win, player should know the rules and his cards well. There are different strategies which you can use in the case if you understand it and know how to play using it. Popular strategies include game king video poker strategy, Jacks or Better, video poker strategy double double bonus and Deuces Wild and multi hand video poker strategy and others as well. Strategies mentioned before are considered the most popular and effective for this game.

Video poker Jacks or Better strategy

This strategy is simple. First of all, you need to check whether you have the following three paying hands:

  •   Royal Flush
  •   Straight Flush
  •   4 of a Kind

Once you have any of those, you need to keep them and collect the winnings. If you don’t have them, check in order to find out whether you have 4 cards to a straight flush. Afterward, check if you have one of the following 2 paying cards:

  •   2 pairs
  •   A pair of Jacks or Better

As soon as you get to that point, you are looking at speculative hands. The best speculative hand is three cards to a royal flush. In the case, if you don’t have one of the other hands listed before, but if you have four to a flush, try to fill your flush. If you have a low pair, try to draw to three of a kind.

This approach during poker is the best video poker strategy because it is simple and gives good results.

Deuces Wild video poker strategy

The next casino video poker strategy called Deuces Wild. If you want to win using this video poker betting strategy, you are advised to do the following:

  •   Keep 4 deuces if you have them;
  •   Keep 3 deuces if you have them and go for the royal flush;
  •   If you have 2 deuces, keep both of them. You can go for 4 of a kind or better. Nevertheless, if you don’t have that, try for a royal or straight flush.

So, all in all, the video poker strategy trainer can help you to face the difficulties during this game. It will help both enthusiasts and professional players.

Double bonus video poker strategy

This strategy is adjusted from the standard due to the increased payouts for selected 4 of a kind hands. This approach has very similar basics with the Jacks or Better. During this effective approach, the payout decreases to 99.65%. This method has a high variance so there is a big possibility that the player can lose more than win. Nevertheless, it is worth trying because if you win, you will receive big winnings. Use this video poker double double bonus strategy if you are eager to succeed.

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